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What is it we do

What do we do, what is our vision?

Stichting Corantijn is a charity and has her work field in Surinam where it supports those in need in the poorer areas of Paramaribo and in de districts of Brokopondo and Commewijne. The foundation has been founded to:

  • To support our needy fellow man in Surinam by, among other things, sending (medical) relief goods.
  • Encourage youngsters to keep studying at a middle, higher or university level. They can then build there own future and be supportive to their families.
  • Support children with multiple disabilities, (semi-)orphans, suffering from aids or are infected with hiv, through our Financial Adoption Plan so that they have a safe and better future through better nutrition, medical care and (special) education.
  • Support institutions such as children’s homes, hospitals, care and nursing homes with (medical) materials so that they can help the less fortunate ones.
  • Set up and supervise incidental humanitarian projects in the educational, social and medical fields.

Stichting Corantijn also focuses on sustainable and economic projects in Surinam. She does this without a profit motive. Any income from these projects, after all costs incurred have been settled, will be used again for future local projects that, if applicable, generate jobs for the local population.

Because Stichting Corantijn has ANBI status, your gift is deductible for income or corporation tax.

Relief supplies

Our needy fellow man in Surinam is given support by Stichting Corantijn by, among other things, sending annually at least three sea containers with (medical) relief supplies. When distributing the goods, there is no distinction on the basis of race, color, sexual preference or faith.

In addition, we offer acute small-scale help and help with calamities.


In her educational project, Stichting Corantijn strives to refurbish two schools on a yearly basis, depending on the financial resources she receives for this project from her donors.

When the schools have been done up, the school furniture, if necessary, will be replaced with 'new' furniture. The foundation collects this furniture in The Netherlands and transports it to Surinam.

A computer and printer will be placed in the teachers' room. The latter is necessary because schools often receive only two textbooks from the government. Too little if a class with more than thirty pupils has to be taught. With the printer teachers can copy the lessons from the book so that each student receives his own teaching and practice material. The schoolchildren, for whom this is necessary, receive a backpack filled with school material.

Sustainable Projects

Stichting Corantijn focuses on sustainable and economic projects in Surinam whose income is used for future local projects. These projects generate jobs for the local population and village development takes place. As soon as projects in a village are ready, this concept is copied to the next village, as far as necessary.

A warehouse sale has been realized on the terrain of Stichting Corantijn in Welbedacht in Commewijne, where goods are offered affordably to the less well-off families. Social housing has also been built on this site.

Food parcels

Prices have more than doubled. People can no longer make ends meet. They save on food and become isolated in an economically unstable country.

Stichting Corantijn helps by providing food parcels. Food is bought locally so as to support the local economy. A parcel contains basic products for a fortnight such as onions, garlic, cans of beans, pasta, rice, flour, salt, oil, sugar, fresh chicken or cans of fish, etc.