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Support as a company

Support Stichting Corantijn with your company

Being a company you can make a huge difference in the lives of Surinam people who are being struck by illness, lack of education, natural disasters or a food shortage. With an annual contribution or a one-off donation you contribute to a better life. Better yet, you show your commitment to your employees and/or customers. 

Making Surinam Stronger Together

There is a variety of means to contribute

Donate a one-off gift on behalf of your employees? 

For instance during Christmas, a jubilee or a retirement? A perfect opportunity to improve the lives of vulnerable people with your contribution.

Your gift is more than welcome!

Support a specific project?

Donations of more than € 1.000,- per annum, you can assign to a specific project of your choice. You decide where your money goes to. One-off or for several years.

View our selection of projects

Advantages when donating as a company

Many employees want to contribute to a better world. Research shows that people prefer to work for companies that consider supporting charities and corporate social responsibility important.

  • Employees feel involved, because together you help people who need it
  • As a company you inspire your network and your (future) customers
  • You have as a company a tax advantage when supporting a good cause
  • You can communicate your involvement with Stichting Corantijn in your in- and external communication. The results of our work you can find in our annual accounts