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Our Mission & Vision

What does Stichting Corantijn stand for

What do we stand for? We are there for our fellow man in Surinam, thát's our passion.

Stichting Corantijn offers help to our needy fellow human beings in Surinam regardless of color, race, sexual preference or faith. We support social institutions, hospitals, children’s homes, care centers, schools and also the inland population.
Both in The Netherlands and in Surinam, our volunteers are working on this with heart and soul.

Our policy plan (in Dutch only) sets out our main focus areas and you can read more about who we are, what we do and how we try to achieve the goals we want to realize.

Below a brief summary of what help Stichting Corantijn delivers:

  • Financial Adoption Plan
    • Facilitate space to start a day care
    • Realizing sustainable and economic projects without a profit motive
    • Education project
    • Structural aid
    • Disasters assistance
    • Providing acute small-scale aid/Emergency aid