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Mayor Pieter Heiliegers of Uithoorn and De Kwakel:
His Majesty the King of The Netherands is graciously pleased to appoint you as a Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau.
There she is, our secretary, totally surprised and ‘flabbergasted’ as she says.

Besides the fact that she is the driving force for 10 years doing the PR for Kunstroute Kunst in De Kwakel, she is also volunteer since 1997 with Stichting Corantijn. At first she made 3D greeting cards to sell and since 2003 she is a volunteer in our depot. Since 2008 she is a member of the board being the secretary.

Her work is diverse, from behind the office desk calling, emailing, posting on social media, arranging, to rolling up her sleeves together with the volunteers at the depot.
She has a heart for the people in Suriname and she conveys this convincingly when she speaks about the necessity and good goals of the foundation. In short, she is the heart of Stichting Corantijn.

Her credo: can’t doesn’t exist.

Both organizations indicate that she is a social personality and a nice person to work with.