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Family with children in need

Mother and father have a mild intellectual disability and have difficulty keeping their family, with four children aged 10, 9, 7 and 2 years old, running. They do not have enough income for decent meals and no overview about how to run a household. Their yard is full of piles of rubbish and that attracts vermin. Guidance to support this family in this is not available.

Father works. His employer visited the family after reports about his employee's living situation. Quite shocked, a plan of action was immediately drawn up. The pediatrician was called and after consultation, the children and mother were admitted to the hospital. Due to poor hygiene, they have wounds on their ears, limbs and scalp. Maggots were found in the head wound of one of the girls. She has undergone surgery to clean the wound.

The next day the employer sent a truck to remove all the rubbish from the yard. Everything from the house was also taken.

Via a call in the media by Mrs. Gloria Bottse of Tra Fas Dé, people and businesses offered their help for this family. Together they disinfected the yard and the house and also painted the house. The kitchen, living room and bedrooms were refurbished with donated items.

Stichting Corantijn donated (children’s) clothes, bedding, wash cloths and towels. This was handed over by Mrs. Oetra and Mr. Rob to Mrs. Gloria. She assists the family and will start looking for permanent support.