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Better care available in Dankbaarkondre region

By opening a polyclinic in Dankbaarkondre last november better care is now available for the people in this region. Medical facilities that were hardly available up until now.

The district commissioner of the Brokopondo district, which includes Dankbaarkondre, had indicated to us that he would like to have an outpatient clinic near Afobakaweg. Many serious accidents happen on this route to Atjoni. Medical care is often not available on time because there is no doctor working in this region.
Until now 450 patients have registered, but more will certainly follow.

The opening was performed by the doctor of this clinic, Mrs. Drs. Sewdajal.
All attendees were able to take a look at the outpatient clinic building.

Together with the New Apostolic Church in The Netherlands (€ 40.000,00) and the New Apostolic Church in Germany (€ 40.000,00), Stichting Corantijn Nederland (€ 20.000,00) and Stichting Corantijn Suriname (€ 18.000,00) have joined forces to realize this project, which consists of the construction of the polyclinic with two homes for medical staff behind it. The total costs for this project were € 118,000.00, the construction took approximately 7-8 months.

In the future, this outpatient clinic will have a dependency in the village of Companiekreek, our next project. The responsible doctor for Dankbaarkondre will also work here. The total number of patients will then be around 700-800.

How cooperation between the two clinics is arranged we leave to the Medische Zending Primary Health Care Suriname Foundation, which is responsible for the implementation of the primary health care to be provided.