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Drilling for drinking water successful

Drilling for clean drinking water has been carried out at various locations in the areas where Stichting Corantijn operates. For this purpose, the company Watergenius Nederland sent two people with us at their own expense who, in addition to carrying out the drillings, also trained local people hands-on to become drilling master and assistant drilling master.

Like mentioned in a previous article there is no water supply in villages in the interior. People collect rainwater in large barrels. They use this water, which is contaminated by heavy metals such as mercury, as drinking water.

While carrying out the work on our site in Welbedacht, after drilling 24 meters through thick clay, we ended up on a sand layer. Several meters later, about 40 meters, they encountered water. After flushing the dirty water, clean water eventually came out of the pipes. The first well has been struck.

On to the second well, that also worked. This turned out to produce an even more powerful jet of water.
A cheer rose from the mouths of the employees and residents.

Hitting a third well at the outpatient clinic in the village of Dankbaarkondre was also successful, but at the location of the fourth source it turned out that the ground was too rocky to get through properly. Stichting Corantijn will continue this work next year.
In total the drillings took about 6 days to complete, of which a short impression can be seen..

Basic tests were conducted at all sources and found that this water is safe enough to drink. Bottles of water were tapped and taken to the Netherlands for further research in a laboratory there.

The residents around the wells are incredibly happy with this result.