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Opening new building: gift for Surinam

The new building of Watergenius Nederland was festively opened on September 29th.

All relations from the Netherlands and Belgium had received an invitation for this. The evening was busy. Stichting Corantijn was asked to give a presentation about their work and the plan to set up a water project in Surinam.

Clean drinking water is not available in the villages inland because no water pipe has been installed there. People collect rainwater in large barrels and use it as drinking water.

It now appears that the air contains many harmful substances, including mercury used in gold mining. When it rains, this deposits on the ground, vegetable gardens and roofs. And it is in the rainwater that sometimes is drunk without boiling.

Stichting Corantijn will do trial drilling for water in two villages and test whether this could be used as clean drinking water. If this is successful, a project will be started.

Watergenius Nederland and its relations support these trial drillings and made a donation of
€ 2.420,00 for this purpose. Great, because this allows all the necessary research to be done.

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