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Young and old on the go for Stichting Corantijn

The Schenkelmarkt is held in Capelle aan den IJssel on August 25 and 26.

A group of some 12 members of the New Apostolic Church in Rotterdam decided to rent a stall and hold a sale for Stichting Corantijn. The preparation took months with the collection of books and other goods, sorting them and preparing for the sale.

Some of them are also involved in making their own items, such as cards, crocheting wind spinners, sewing doll clothes, etc. A number of children see this and join in, they start making bracelets.

On market days the work is divided, some people set up the stall, every four hours there is another team to sell items and on Saturday at the end of the day volunteers are ready to dismantle the stall.

Many hands make light work, thank you for your efforts!