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Relief goods réally work

A container filled with relief supplies brings pieces of happiness to people.

At the children's ward of the Academisch Ziekenhuis, the cast bandage of a child with club feet needed to be renewed, a lack of material… No incontinence material available for the elderly, a young lady with multiple disabilities, a lady who had pelvic surgery after a car accident, or a girl with Down syndrome… Medical nutrition for a kidney dialysis patient, unaffordable… A woman could not find stoma bags for her husband…
Fortunately, these materials were in the boxes with relief goods, help has been given.

A couple is on their way to the hospital to become parents for the first time. However, their baby wanted to come into the world faster than the taxi drove 🙂 Their son was born in transit.
A welcome package was made with some of the donated materials and given to the parents.

The gentleman with an open leg was given a walking frame to be able to walk bits independently in the house.
And all this because of your donations for sending a container. Thanks for that!