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The second 2023 container with relief goods has arrived

With a container filled with relief goods, Stichting Corantijn can make many people very happy in Surinam.

To make this happen, a lot of work needs to be done beforehand.
In The Netherlands our driver travels across the country to collect all the (medical) goods that people donate. In the depot, all goods go through the hands of the volunteers, sort out, check, pack and load them into the container.

When the container is full the necessary documents are drawn up and the container leaves for Rotterdam and onto a ship to Surinam.

After approximately 4-6 weeks, the container will arrive in the port of Paramaribo and customs clearance will take place. If it is all okay and paid for, transport to our storage facility in Welbedacht takes place.

There also volunteers are ready to unload the container, sort the goods by name and prepare them for further distribution. Below a report of the distribution of the relief supplies.