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Inboedelbank Bolsward helps Surinam

Stichting Corantijn was called by a volunteer of the Inboedelbank Bolsward. One of their volunteers lives opposite the site where our container is positioned in Sneek. It is there to be filled with goods and they have goods to donate.

The Inboedelbank’s history – an idea of initiator Kees van Kordelaar - is short. A number of volunteers started this on April 1, 2021 so that people do not stay in a bare house, for example after a divorce, they have ended up on welfare or have received a residence permit. The necessary goods are obtained from the evictions of housing associations. Individuals also give the Inboedelbank a warm heart and donate goods they have left over.

Caritas sponsors the rent of the beautiful spacious building where the Inboedelbank is located. By appointment caregivers can visit together with their clients. Here you will find everything you need to furnish a cozy home. Meanwhile, the bus from Stichting Corantijn has come by and has collected all kinds of goods such as garden chairs with cushions, rocking chair, Maxi-Cosi's, bouncers, booster seats, air mattress, chairs, camping cots, etc. These were loaded into the container in Sneek that same day.