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Peli organised a campaign for Surinam

Last week Peli, his parents and a neighbour visited our depot.
Wíth a surprise, but first his story.

On the news Peli heard about the floods in Surinam, and it grabbed him by the throat. He wanted to help the people there and took up the plan to start collecting money.
The first thing he did was participate in the Christmas tree collection in his hometown of Almere. He received € 0.50 for every tree collected, which seemed like a nice job, especially because his parents promised to double the proceeds. Soon his parents' garden was filled, lack of space, now what? He went to the neighbour, who is originally from Surinam, and asked him if he was willing to support him in his campaign. A resounding yes followed and Peli got back to work.

In total he collected 160 trees, an immense achievement according to Stichting Corantijn!

But this wasn't all, Peli wanted to do more.
He started doing odd jobs for his grandmother and neighbors and got some money for this.
He also looked around his room: “Which books and games I’m done with? Are there any clothes or shoes that no longer fit me?"
He collected all this and put it up for sale on Marktplaats.

In total he collected € 275.00 with his campaign which he personally handed over to us.

Stichting Corantijn is extremely proud of his great effort
Peli was welcomed with balloons, a thank you card and of course a drink and snacks.