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Request for help via Stomaatje

Mrs. Oetra Changoer is a nurse and in her spare time she also cares for a number of patients that are close to her heart. The same goes for Mr. Ashwien who is an ostomist.
Via Stichting Stomaatje she came to us with her request for help.

Ashwien is looking for work, but finding a job is difficult because entrepreneurs consider it too risky to employ him in his condition. This has put him in a weak financial position, which means that he cannot be insured. Buying ostomy bags yourself in Suriname is very expensive, unaffordable for him.

When Mrs. Oetra visits him again she notices he has lost weight yet again. He also hardly owns any clothes.
He is really in need.

Where food is concerned the nurse supports him. Stichting Corantijn helps out with clothing and the necessary stoma bags which are being picked up by Mrs. Oetra at our local storage.

Mr. Ashwien is incredibly grateful for this help and immediately put on his new clothes.
From Mrs. Oetra we received the following voice message:
“Thank you very much Mrs. Marion. Thanks for the bags and such.”