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Help was soon arranged

This elderly lady is bedridden and can no longer speak properly. Mrs. Melcherts, former St. Vincentius Ziekehuis employee, had some boxes of incontinence materials left over. The client for whom Stichting Corantijn had sent this had meanwhile passed away. So could Mrs. Bhagwantie be helped quickly.

Her daughter speaks on her behalf in a thank you video:
“Good evening to the lady who send us the pampers. I would like to thank you very much for helping us because it is really a difficult time. I am very grateful that you helped us with the pampers for my mother because it is really hard. I say thanks to you and the Lord bless you for helping us. And thank you also to Mrs. Melcherts that through her we were able to get this box of pampers. Thank you very much Mrs. Melcherts, we thank you very much. God bless you. My mother also wants to say something: Bye, thank you ma'am.”