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Resources for children in Huize Tyltyl

In Huize Tyltyl 35 children with a physical disability are being taken care of in a domestic environment until they are 18rd birthday. Normally they live with their families. However, adapted education and therapies, for corrections in the position of the body or the optimal development of physical capabilities, can only be followed in Paramaribo. So during the week they find a loving place in Huize Tyltyl.

Two of these children were helped with a medical device.

Sjenelle received a gait trainer, which is used posteriorly. This allows her, despite her movement limitation, to be mobile under supervision. And also good for her muscle tension, coordination and learning to keep balance.

For Donovan, there was a standing frame. It positions and fully supports him when standing. Normally he sits in a wheelchair and looks at legs. Now the world looks completely different to him and he can stand at eye level with other children. Another advantage is that it stimulates his bone building and circulation and strengthens his muscles. In short, a healthy alternative to alternate with the wheelchair.