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Grateful for the help received

Due to back surgery, this lady is dependent on crutches. Stichting Corantijn donated those at an earlier time. Because of other problems, she now also needs incontinence material. This is very hard to obtain and for her unaffordable. Fortunately she could be helped by us because a former employee of the St. Vincentius hospital, Mrs. Melchers, put in a request on her behalf.

She is very grateful and send us a spoken app message:
“Mrs. Melcherts, good morning. Through you I want to thank Mrs. Marion of Stichting Corantijn very much for the kind gifts. I was given 7 full packages. And I didn't count how many loose ones because I just used them. But there were also loose ones in between to keep it all together. But thank you Mrs. Marion, thank you. And I pray that the Almighty may give you many healthy years to come so you can continue your good work. Thank you very much. It feels so good, it feels so nice that there are people reaching out to us who are least fortunate, who can't do it the way we'd love to. But I wish you a lot of strength, wisdom and insight further in this what you are doing. You and those who work with you. Thank you all, thank you all very much. Greetings and love, Mrs. Kloof.”