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New sponsor: Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V.

What is Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V.?
Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V. has been offering innovative and certified audio-visual solutions since 1968. One could think of temporary or permanent sound solutions for events, meetings, presentations, communications and studio rental.

How did we come into contact with Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V.?
An employee of Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V. approached Stichting Corantijn and asked if we would be interested in receiving touchscreen digiboards which would be knocked off by one of their clients.

What does the sponsorship entail?
After the first donation of touchscreen digiboards many others followed. The next year we could again pick up digiboards but also office furniture.

What does Stichting Corantijn do with this donation?
The touchscreen digiboards as well as the desks and office chairs are being donated via our education project to schools that have been done up.

We say a big thank you to Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V. for their help!

The goods were very well wrapped for transport to Surinam which saves us costs and our volunteers have been relieved.

Would you like to know more about Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V.: