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No family? No help

Already half a year this lady lies in hospital. No place was found for her where she could find a new home. She is unmarried, has no partner and no children. Other relatives are unknown. Truly alone.

Until her hospitalization she lived in a ‘prasi oso’, a small wooden dwelling. Her house is old and dilapidated, the roof leaks and there is no toilet or bathroom. The furniture is so old it can no longer be used. Especially given her age and her care needs, a deplorable place to live. Taken her age and medical needs a deplorable place to live in.

Eventually care centre Huize Ashiana had a bed available for her. But more is needed for her, such as bedding and incontinence material. The latter is always insufficiently present at Huize Ashiana. All new residents are therefore asked if someone can guarantee the purchase of personal necessities, incontinence material, pay extra for medication, etc.

Mrs. Staal has now been “businesswise adopted” by former employee of the St. Vincentius Hospital, Mrs. Melcherts. Stichting Corantijn will support this by providing part of the necessary incontinence material.