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Ostomy supplies for young and old

Ostomy supplies are hard to get. If it is available they are too expensive for most people. Stichting Corantijn sends a number of boxes with this material to several addresses, that request it, so that they can distribute it.

A lady came by to pick up some ostomy supplies for a member of her family. As you can see in the picture, she is very pleased with it.

Finding fitting stoma material for his father, the son of this stoma wearer couldn't believe his luck.

Sometimes we receive stoma care materials for children. Very welcome, there are several children known to us in Suriname who need it. This time a bag filled with boxes of ileostomy pouches went to the children's ward of the AZP. After having received it we got the next message via app:
“A wonderful present on this World Premature Day! Thank you for your contribution."