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New sponsor:

What does do?
Erik Willems is a web designer, WordPress developer and SEO specialist. Besides this he teaches User Experience Design and he is examination attendant and assessor at the Software Development group of Mediacollege Amsterdam.

Since 2005 he started his own business as a photographer and (web) designer. The company name consists of his vision on a creative triangle: To see (Eye), thinking about it (Mind) and to Act (Do). Together they make up the phonetic sentence ‘I do mind'.

How did we come into contact with
A member of the Stichting Corantijn board had worked with Erik Willems before in building a website. This turned out to be a successful experience to both parties.

What does the sponsorship entail? helped Stichting Corantijn to build a new website at a very interesting rate and swiftly and skillfully. Erik has a creative mind and came up with quick solutions whenever we encountered problems. And even now we can still ask him for his expert opinion.

We want to thank through its owner Erik Willems very much for their support!

The lower rate for making the website and supporting us even now helps us to keep the cost low for now and in the future.

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