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Little Rafaël gets a better living environment

Due to heavy rains roads and houses are frequently flooded. It also happened to little Rafaël and his parents.

Their wooden house was flooded in such a manner that the small fellow stood in water up to his neck. Rafaël is blind and has a week health. One second of negligence and something terrible could happen. This is no longer acceptable.

His father had started already by pouring out concrete of 4x4 meter to floor level of their house. Due to the enormous price increase of building materials he had to stop the building work.
Situation beforehand:

As a security guard, the father does not earn much and mother has to stay at home because Rafaël cannot be left alone due to his disability.

Stichting Corantijn and a sponsor worked together and bought the necessary building materials. Father and his brothers are experienced builders and under supervision of our contractor they not only built Rafael’s room but also a bathroom and a toilet.

A few more small things to do and then the house is finished.
construction progress: