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Successful collaboration with Wings of Support

Stichting Corantijn has, in a joint project with Wings of Support, renovated the EBG R.T. Wongsodikromo school in the village of Boxel.

It was needed badly. There were holes in the doors, the mesh in front of the windows was rusted and/or broken, the ceiling was damaged or had leakage stains, the roof gutters were leaking, cracks in the walls and sanitary items broken or clogged up. Part of the school furniture also needed to be replaced.

Mid 2020 this project took off. Due to the corona measures in Surinam, the workers could not continue to work because the work regularly had to be put down for a longer period of time.
In addition, the school was closed during the school holidays, also for our work.

Some of the school furniture needed to be replaced.

Pupils helped unloading the truck with ‘new’ furniture donated by Stichting Corantijn. Furthermore learning methods and hobby material which are being used during the lessons were handed out to the teachers.

And then there is the day the school is ready.

Everyone is really happy with the result and grateful for all the help received.

On behalf of Stichting Corantijn, many thanks to Wings of Support for their support in this project.