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Sewing machine means bread on the table

Mrs. Denise is a single mother. She earns her money by sewing or re-sewing clothes and other articles. The possession of a sewing machine is therefore essential.

The machine she used up till now burned a fuse and could not be repaired.

Stichting Corantijn received her cry for help, started a search and found a second hand sewing machine.

Our regular sponsor, Joh. Piet Naaimachineschecked the machine and serviced it.

Ready to be shipped!

Together with some fabrics, sewing thread, band and other accessories the machine was put in a box and was sent to Surinam.

Over there a very happy lady awaited the arrival of the machine and thanked Stichting Corantijn for their help. She would now be able again to earn a decent income all by herself.