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Stichting Corantijn helps Ukraine

An employee of Skylla AG, a Swiss river cruise company, approached Stichting Corantijn if they were able to supply among others things toiletries for refugees from the Ukraine. The company wanted to donate these to the refugees on the ship that was made ready in Düsseldorf to house them. Linen and clothing were already enough available.

Our secretary started work by approaching her network and found Dennis Wormer willing to assist her in this.

He started a campaign through his former employee, I.F.F., International Flavors and Fragrances. The company Mevio Oisterwijk also took part in the search for goods. We also received some donations from private people.
Next to toiletries more was donated: sanitary towels, some clothing, diapers and toys.

Below you will find the report written by Skylla AG about what happened with the donations.

From the 14th. of March VIVA Riverside made one of her hotel ships available in Duesseldorf to house Ukrainian refugees. VIVA Riverside offers space for up to 100 people and provides them with food and anything else they need on the ship.

We decided to do so in order to show the refugees that they are welcome , safe and wanted to make them comfortable.
We believe that this is what they need right now.

VIVA Riverside is a subsidiary of Scylla AG. The company has together with VIVA Cruises requested internally to her own employees if they were able to donate hygienic items, diapers, food and medical supplies.

Stichting Corantijn has also collected items for the Ukrainian refugees for which we are very grateful.

One of our workers picked up all the donations in Tilburg and delivered the many goods to our ship the MS Ruby in Düsseldorf.

On behalf of Scylla AG and the refugees we want to thank Stichting Corantijn for all their efforts.

Team Scylla AG

And we, as Stichting Corantijn, will pass this thanks on to Dennis Wormer, I.F.F. en Mevio Oisterwijk.

Marion van Berkum