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New sponsor: Uitvaartzorg De Schelde

What does Uitvaartzorg De Schelde do?
Uitvaartzorg De Schelde works locally and finds it important that a farewell ceremony goes according to your wishes entirely. There is a fixed point of contact, from the preliminary consultation to the aftercare. Because a good and appropriate farewell can help you process your loss. To ensure this, your funeral director will be personally present at the farewell ceremony.

How did we come into contact with Uitvaartzorg De Schelde?
Due to the construction of a mortuary in the village of Balingsoela, we were looking for cooling plates so that it was possible to extend the farewell of a deceased person from a few hours to a few days.

What does the sponsorship entail?
In 2016, in the project 'opbaarhuisje Balingsoela', Uitvaartzorg De Schelde donated a cooling plate, a multi-cooler, scissor trolleys and a mobile stretcher with accessories.

Furthermore they collect on a regular basis medical and non medical goods for Surinam.

We would very much like to thank Uitvaartzorg De Schelde very much for their help!

This sponsorship means less costs for us.

Would you like to know more about Uitvaarzorg De Schelde: