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Sermon of the Layman: Stichting Corantijn!

On Sunday the 20th of February a Sermon of the Layperson takes place in the Protestant Church De Schutse in Uithoorn. The secretary of Stichting Corantijn, Marion van Berkum, presides in her Layperson’s Sermon.

What does this entail? One does not have to be theologically trained to preach or tell an inspiring story. In the Sermon of the Layperson, a layperson connects her or his passion with a Bible story within a 'service' designed entirely according to his or her own ideas. The layman has not been selected for her or his creed or ecclesiasticality, but because they have something to say and are a well-known fellow citizen within Uithoorn and the surrounding. Every Sermon of the Layperson is unique because it is heavily coloured by the person who precedes it.

The theme of Marion’s sermon: 'Being good to yourself – selfish?'
Parents with a big social heart and her own life experience have shaped Marion into the person she has become. Yet she has had to adjust her formation somewhat during her life. And learned not to always put the other first. But by taking good care of herself first, she learned that she could be there for others. For the full 100%.

Positive as she is, she rolled up her sleeves. In her volunteer work for Stichting Corantijn, in taking care of the vulnerable fellow man. As James says, "a body is dead without a soul, just like your faith without deeds." Of course you can write a cheque and believe everything will be alright. Sometimes the circumstances are as such that this is the only way, but actually doing something for someone else, that gives (her) satisfaction.

Do you feel to come and listen?
Address: De Schutse, De Mérodelaan 1, 1422 GB Uithoorn
Or watch the Sermon of the Layman via:
YouTube channel Protestantse Gemeente Uithoorn
Kerkomroep, Uithoorn, De Schutse

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