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Revenue sponsored run above expectations

At the beginning of August the 3rd sea container of 2020 departed with school furniture, bicycles and medical goods. All collected by the Peter Petersenschool in Haren.
At the beginning of October it arrived at Welbedacht.

The school was so enthusiastic about our education project that they decided to do a bit more for Surinam. The goal was to educate the pupils on the country Surinam and to collect money and by doing this they would be able to fund 'their' sea container.
A plan was put together to organise a sponsorship run.
Pre-schoolers and upper classer children ran on behalf of their schoolmates in Surinam.

Friday November 27th the pupils revealed the revenues in a corona proof way. It exceeded everyone’s expectations, € 10.000,00, a magnificent result!

Not only can the purchase of the container, costs of customs control and transport be paid for, there is even an extra left for the education project.

We have sent a ‘big thank you very much’ video to the children and the organisation of the school.