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New sponsor: Bardo

What does Bardo do?
Bardo offers care to people in the last stage of their life, either in a hospice or at home. This care does not focus on cure, but on a total wellbeing for someone with an incurable disease. At Bardo they work according to a basic principle. This means that everyone is welcome regardless of age, religious conviction or cultural background.

How did we come into contact with Bardo?
In October 2018 we were asked to contact an employee from the hospice of Bardo. They offered us medical food which was superfluous and ready to be picked up. From then on they donate various goods such as medical supplies and medical appliances like rollators.

What does the sponsorship entail?
The hospice of Bardo supplies us with medical goods that are superfluous.

What does Stichting Corantijn do with this donation?
The medical goods/appliances are sorted by us and are being sent to specific people, hospitals and family doctors in Surinam.

We would like to thank for their help!
With the medical goods/appliances they donate we can literally help out those at the bottom of society.

Would you like to know more about the hospice of Bardo, visit: