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New sponsor: Hellingman Transport BV

What does Hellingman Transport BV do?
Hellingman Transport BV exists since 1926 and moved from one generation to the next. A real family business.

In the early years they were active in agriculture but since the rise of the use of sea containers the activities were mainly focused on import and export in the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp. At this point in time Hellingman Transport BV have a modern and specialized car fleet at their disposal specifically for the transportation of all sorts of sea containers. All vehicles conform to the highest emission standards for city interiors and port area’s.

How did we come into contact with Hellingman Transport BV?
We contacted the owner of Hellingman Transport BV, mr. Rick Hellingman, and asked him if they wanted to support us.

What does the sponsorship entail?
As from August 2019 Hellingman Transport BV sponsors the costs of the VGM weighing which precedes the initial transport of the container. This means that the container, after it was lifted onto the side loader truck, is weighed immediately. At that time the exact weight of the container is known and after subtracting the weight of the empty container the net weight of the contents is known.

We would like to thank for their help!

The sponsorship of the VGM weighing of our containers means we cut our costs.

Would you like to know more about Hellingman Transport BV, visit: