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New sponsor: Joh. Piet Naaimachinehandel

What does Joh. Piet Naaimachinehandel do?
Joh. Piet Naaimachinehandel has been known for years in Uithoorn and surrounding areas. In 2017 this family business celebrated their 80th anniversary. When you are looking for a sewing machine, overlocker or a embroidery machine this is the place to be. The sale of a machine goes together with a full day of instructions in order to get the most out of your machine. Free of charge.

And for the necessary repairs and/or a service to the machine they are happy to oblige. In their own workshop all brands and/or types are professionally serviced within four working days. And the repairs come with a three months warranty.

But there is more.
Customers can find anything in their shop relating to knitting, sewing, crochet, embroidery and all sorts of other needlework.

How did we find Joh. Piet Naaimachinehandel?
Stichting Corantijn regularly receives (hand) sewing machines as a donation. To make sure the machines are in tip top shape when they are shipped to Surinam. We asked the owner of Joh. Piet Naaimachinehandel if he would be willing to help.

What does the sponsorship entail?
They service all the machines free of charge and even the necessary repairs are for free.

What does Stichting Corantijn do with this donation?
The serviced and repaired machines that run on electricity go mainly to institutions in areas where an electricity network is available. The manually operated sewing machines go to various different villages in the interior of Surinam.

We want to thank the Joh. Piet Naaimachinehandel very much for all his support!

This way, the sewing machines donated to us arrive in tip-top condition at their destination.

Would you like to know more about Joh. Piet Naaimachinehandel, visit: