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New sponsor: Breho Pack B.V.

What is Breho Pack B.V.?
Breho Pack B.V. is a dynamic and rapidly growing company which has the all the expertise necessary to advise their customers with regards to packaging.

They provide a complete assortment of packaging materials like boxes, punched cardboard products, protection materials, various kinds of foils and tapes, wire, plastic bags and covering profiles. They are also able to deliver the appropriate tools and machinery. In short, Breho Pack B.V. is always there for good advice as well as high grade products at very competitive rates.

How did we get into contact with Breho Pack B.V.?
We contacted the owner of Breho Pack B.V. with a request for their support.

What does the sponsorship entail?
Breho Pack B.V. provides us with all kinds of packaging materials, like moving boxes, tape and packaging foil, at purchase price.

What does Stichting Corantijn do with this donation?
All goods collected by Stichting Corantijn are packaged to prevent damage in during shipping.

For example, clothing is wrapped in foil while medical goods, toys and shoes are packed in cardboard boxes.

We want to thank for their help!

Supplying packaging material at the purchase price saves us money.

If you would like to know more about Breho Pack B.V., visit: