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New sponsor: Core-TeQ Europe B.V.

What company is Core-TeQ Europe B.V.?
Core-TeQ Europe B.V., formerly Scherpenzeel B.V., is a leading producer of axes, rollers and overall constructions. Their products are designed for the preparation of large sized paper treatment like plotters, facsimile machines, scanners en folding machines. Their customers are to be found all over the world. Together with their clients they develop the most cost efficient solution to live up to their slogan: “Supporting your core business”. Core-TeQ’s power is their longstanding experience, their team of specialists, the most modern production equipment and a network of carefully selected suppliers.

How did we get into contact with Core-TeQ Europe B.V.?
The owner of Core-TeQ Europe B.V. is a board member of Stichting Corantijn and therefore connected to us with his heart and soul and always prepared to lend a hand.

What does the sponsorship entail?
Core-TeQ Europe B.V. takes care of large transports to our depot. A truck, trailer and driver is readily available when necessary. For instance with the transport of school furniture when it is necessary to strip the school of its furnishings in one sweep. Or in another case when NAK-karikativ Germany donated materials which needed to be collected in Germany.

Next to all this there’s always the availability of a number of hydraulic pallet trucks when loading the sea containers at our depot.

We would very much like to thank for their help!

The free use of the truck combination and the hydraulic pallet trucks saves us in our costs.

Would you like to know more about Core-TeQ Europe B.V., visit: