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 +====== 02.08.2019 Tiresome, expensive and time consuming ======
 +To buy a laptop in Surinam is not something you can do lightly as a student.\\
 +Sometimes parents chip in bit by bit so you can buy a second hand one.\\
 +The quality however often leaves a lot to be desired.
 +Urbella Linga had the same problem. Her secondhand laptop broke down.\\
 +She studies tourism and follows her education at the IMEAO-1. She is now in her third year and has one year to go.\\
 +She needs to write many reports and the school does not accept hand-written ones.\\
 +To prove computer skills is essential.
 +Urbella stayed in school longer so as to use the school computer. This is however only possible until 6 pm.\\
 +In order to finish her task she then needed to hop on a bus to her sister’s, which is a 3 hour journey. The next day she had to be up at 5 am to take the bus back to school.\\
 +Very tiresome, expensive and time consuming.
 +She loves to study and really wants to finish her education favourably, but because of the lack of a laptop she fell behind in finishing her reports, missing out on the necessary points.\\
 +Her mother found it difficult as well to find the extra money for the bus fare. She only has a basic job.
 +At the end of May 2019 Stichting Corantijn found a sponsor who was willing to provide Urbella with a beautiful and well functioning laptop. She is now extremely happy.\\
 +She is now extremely happy.
 +By working hard she has now been able to tackle the backlog of her work. Her grades are excellent, 24 out of the 25 modules she has passed. This is enough for her to end this schoolyear favourably and continue onto the next one.\\
 +Her final exam year starts in October.
 +Congratulations Urbella!\\
 +Marion van Berkum