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 +====== 28.05.2019 Direct aid: food and school supplies ======
 +The school director of the technical school in Wit Santi, LBO, got into contact with Stichting Corantijn and reported about four distressing cases among his students.
 +He asked if Stichting Corantijn could help these students. Their parents live in absolute poverty, so much that they cannot provide their children with food, let alone school supplies.\\
 +The children go to school with hunger stomach pains. And this happens on a regular basis.\\
 +As a result, they cannot absorb the curriculum.
 +Meanwhile they have received a backpack with school supplies which means they now have enough pens, paper etc.\\
 +And we have given the school enough funds to  make sure the children get a few times a week a good breakfast and lunch while they are at school.
 +Someone in Holland heard this story and found the situation to be shocking enough to sponsor the children financially.
 +It is wonderful that this generous lady has opened her heart to them.
 +The tables and computers that were previously donated to the same school by Stichting Corantijn are in good use.\\
 +Marion van Berkum